Strategic Consulting

Focusing international business during Covid-19 pandemic

If you have a small or medium-sized company which its international business have had a strong impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic, such consulting services may suit you. We will practice strategically analysing new scenarios, reviewing agreements and assisting you on how to adapt to the latests changes in the market and new habits. We can also assist you to develop new international business plans. Check it out:

Analysis of investment

scenarios in Brazil

We will analyse how Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the area that your company invested or intended to invest in Brazil and the economic and tax measures that Brazilian government is taking to minimize the impacts in this area.

Analysis of new Brazilian immigration restrictions

To prevent Covid-19's spread in Brazil, Brazilian government has enacted some measures that restrain the entrance of foreigners in Brazil. If any officer or manager of your company had an ongoing assignment, we will analyse its impacts. 

Renegotiation of

international agreements

We know that many company with ongoing international business will not be able to fulfil the obligations set forth in the agreements due to the pandemic. We can assist you renegotiating the conditions to keep the business going on.

Providing legal services

to law firms 

The law firms that need to provide emergencial legal services to their clients and cannot hire personnel at the moment can count on our professionals to support their teams in specific services they may need.


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