We are the international legal advisors of small and medium-sized companies.

Incorporating a company in Brazil is a reality for many small and medium-sized companies. Learn how SIAL International Legal Practice can assist your company in its business in Brazil:


Our Services

How we assist foreign companies in their business in Brazil:

Company Incorporation

We assist our clients to incorporate a company in Brazil with foreign shareholders and foreign capital stock.

We draft the new company's By-laws and the minutes of shareholders' meeting that shall aprove the profit remittance to the foreign shareholders investors (companies or individuals); everything in accordance with Brazilian legislation. 

Working in Brazil

When foreign companies incorporate or invest in a company in Brazil they normally assign their employees to work and manage the company. Thus we prepare the paperwork and submit to to Brazilian authorities in order to obtain working and residence permit to the foreign officers, directors, managers and technicians.

Brazilian Central Bank

According to Brazilian law, every foreign stock capital invested in a Brazilian company - called foreign direct investment or FDI - shall be registered before the electronic system of Brazilian Central Bank. We are able to proceed with such register and also to enrol the foreign investor company with Brazilian Corporate Tax Registration Number - CNPJ.

Negotiation and Contracts

Brazilian companies that do business abroad are also assisted by us from SIAL. We draft, review and negotiate international contracts with foreign parties. W also attend meetings to support our clientes during negotiations; personal meetings or by videoconferences; always with our legal and technical English skills.

Exchange Transactions

Every capital contribution from foreign shareholders in a Brazilian company requires the closing of an exchange agreement, in order to wire the funds form a foreign current account to the a Brazilian current account. We also assist the profit remittance operation from the funds of the Brazilian company to its foreign shareholders investors abroad.

International Legal Assistance

If the international service that your company need is not listed on these items, you can retain services from us in hourly basis, which means more control and customisation of the international service you need. To contact us on this or other items just select you option at the box below that we will reply to you. 


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About Us

Specialists in International Law

SIAL was founded more then 7 years ago, in 2013, by Fernanda Siqueira; Brazilian lawyer post-graduated in International Law at PUC-SP. For more then 10 years Fernanda practices international corporate law, advising foreign companies to incorporate or invest in a company in Brazil. She practiced in law firms at Sao Paulo-SP and multinational company at Goiania. Fernanda is experienced in corporate law, Brazilian immigration law, contract law and foreign capital stock.


Since its beginning SIAL had chosen to provide services in home office basis. Thus we have drastically reduced facilities' costs, among others. We prefer to work with partners with qualified international practice, which make us a true international business hub, being therefore able to assist your company in its all international needs.



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